G-D Loved Us so Much That He Provided Judgement.

February 25, 2020


I recently was speaking to a group of people when I made the statement: “G-D is G-D of love, He is also a G-D of judgement.” One of the hardest concepts for people to comprehend is that G-D can both love and judge at the exact same time. All of His judgements are made through love and in His judgements he is demonstrating His great love for his creation. Once we begin to understand that G-D’s judgements are a demonstration of His love, we begin to realize that a large portion of the Bible, both Tanakh (Old Testament) and Brit Chadasha (New Testament), was written to help us understand this concept. For instance Exodus 21:1 says


1 “Now these are the ordinances which you will set before them.


The word translated ordinances in this text is the Hebrew word משפטים (Mishpatim) which means judgements. When we keep the text in context, everything that follows Exodus 21:1 is a list of judgements that G-D lovingly put in place for Israel. G-D didn’t provide this list of judgements because He wanted Israel to have Hebrew slavery (Ex 21:2-11), murders (Ex