Deuteronomy The Book that Shouldn't Have Been?

July 17, 2018


There are many things in the Bible that help me to have confidence and faith in the overpowering forgiveness of G-D. One of the most significant is the book of Deuteronomy. Yes, the last book of the Torah, or first five books of the Bible. You may wonder why I would consider the book of Deuteronomy such a faith builder. It is because the entire book takes place simply because the Children of Israel failed to trust and obey G-D. That’s right. Think about it: the Children of Israel were at the banks of the Jordan looking over into Caanan in the book of Numbers. It is in the book of Numbers that G-D speaks to Moses and Israel about how He is going to drive the inhabitants out of the land of Canaan and give it to the Children of Israel, as promised to Abraham, Issac, and Jacob. It is in the book of Numbers that the Children of Israel send spies into the land which come back to report that everything in the Promised Land was exactly as G-D had promised them. And it is in the book of Numbers that the Children of Israel look with eyes wide open and see that all was just as G-D promised them and yet, they still lacked the faith to enter the land and take the gift that G-D had promised to give them.

If the Children of Israel had only acted in faith and crossed the Jordan in the book of Numbers, we would not have the book of Deuteronomy. Yet, they did not believe. They did not walk in faith. They spent nearly 40 extra years in the wilderness and as a result, you and I have the book of Deuteronomy. 

So, we have a book that exists because Israel lacked the faith to believe what G-D had promised them. Or do we? What if the book of Deuteronomy isn’t simply the result of unbelief and lack of trust? What if we take a moment and remember that nothing has ever surprised G-D? What if we understood that even before the foundation of the world, G-D had a plan and within that plan, He knew that the Children of Israel would c