G-D’s promises are not affected by our actions

June 9, 2018

Recently, we had a special service at our synagogue in which we invited not only other Messianic Jewish congregations, but also may Christian congregations. In preparation for this service, we had meetings with the different people who would be involved in the different aspects of the service: from the worship team, which was made up of people from different congregations, to the people who would handle the presentation slides and videos. We were all very excited about the possibilities of the service as people from all over our area would be combined together as one voice of praise.



As the day approached for service, as with most other things we do, what I call “ministry opportunities” (others call them problems and some call them crises) arose. People who were supposed to do certain things were unable to do them. Nursery workers could not be found. There were numerous logistical issues and one pastor who was planning on live-streaming a video from Israel was unable to get the technology to cooperate.


The closer we got to the service, the more “ministry opportunities” came forth. Every time one fire was quenched another started. In the midst of all the trying to deal with “ministry opportunities’ while at the same time keep up with normal ministry and also continue making sure that everything else was still moving forward, it would have been very easy to simply look at the problems and decide they were too many to even consider having the special service. We couldn’t find anyone to do the nursery, we had sound system issues, our main worship leader was suffering from an