A long history of G-D’s faithfulness

April 7, 2018


As my family gathered to celebrate the Passover this week, I was blessed to have my two sons and their wives, as well as all four of my grandchildren at our table. This was very meaningful to us as the Passover is actually a meal designed by G-D to be shared with your family as one generation tells the story of the Exodus to the next generation, in Hebrew, “L’dor V’dor.” As we went through our Seder meal and once again told the history of the deliverance of Israel from Egypt, I sat in my chair looking across the table at the three generations of my family. It struck me that generational knowledge only travels one way.


In other words, as much as I would like to know how my grandchildren’s lives will turn out, what will they be when they grow up? Who they will marry and will they have children of their own? The truth is that my children can look at my life, see my history, and my grandchildren can look at the lives of their parents and their grandparents and see our collective history. But, none of us can look forward and see our individual futures.

My thoughts ran to Jeremiah 29:11, where G-D said:


“For I know the plans that I have