The significance of the high priest’s breastplate

February 24, 2018


In the midst of the commandments for the building of the Mishkan (Tabernacle), we find the instructions for the making of the garments that the High Priest was to wear. The details for the High Priest’s clothing are detailed completely from head to foot in Exodus chapter 28. We also know that every detail provided in the Bible was given so that every person reading the Scriptures would in some way be directed or led to Yeshua (Jesus). Each word was framed precisely to make a pathway where, no matter where you start from, the end of the path leads to Yeshua. Every item, no matter how small, was, by design, entered into the text with specificity and is part of the elaborate spiritual GPS system that is always directing or redirecting the reader so that their journey continues toward Yeshua.


In my last blog, I pointed out a connection between the Ark of the Covenant and Yeshua