It’s all about the people

February 4, 2018


Imagine if you just experienced a long string of the most miraculous events in your life. Not little miracles, but huge, over-the-top experiences, supernatural healings, signs, and wonders. These were miracles that not only you saw and experienced, but everyone around you was affected in one way or another by them.


After these miracles take place, you attend a reunion with your family you arrive and run to meet your relatives. You wrap your arms around your favorite relative’s neck. What do you say first? Do you tell about the person raised from the dead? Or maybe the mountain cast into the sea? Or maybe you excitedly share about the person who was delivered from a deadly illness? Or maybe the lame man who was now able to run again?


With all of those amazing and wonderful miracles to share, it might be difficult to decide what you would say first, filled with all of the excitement and overflowing with faith. For many, what to say first could be a difficult decision. Yet, it should not be difficult at all for any of us. Why? Because the Bible shares a clear answer to this dilemma and provides for us clarity and priority.


In Exodus chapter 18, we find Moses’ family reunion taking place as he is rejoined by his wife