Another key biblical lesson about prayer

November 4, 2017


Last week in my blog, I wrote about Daniel and the importance and power of consistent prayer.


Today’s blog shares another key biblical lesson about prayer, which we find as we read Genesis chapter 24.


Surprisingly, this lesson is not taught by any of the principle characters, such as Abraham, Isaac, or even Sarah. It is actually taught to us by Abraham’s servant.

Many believe this servant to be Eliezer, but the Bible does not provide his name anywhere in this narrative.


Instead of providing a name, we read only about Abraham’s instruction to his servant about where to go to choose a wife for Isaac. We then read about the servant’s arrival in Aram-Naharaim, and the interactions that took place between the servant and Rebekah’s family. The chapter ends with our reading about the introduction of Isaac to Rebekah and their marriage.

Through the entire story, not once is the servant’s name provided. Be assured the name isn’t left out because the servant isn’t important. The importance of the servant is demonstrated by Abraham’s trust and is stated early in the chapter in Genesis 24:2:


Then Abraham said to his servant, the oldest of his household who managed everything that belonged to him.


The reason the servant is un-named is because the lesson we are to learn is so important that providing the servant’s name might detract from the powerful lesson that speaks to us through thousands of years so that we would continue to learn today.


In Genesis 24:12, we read the beginning of the prayer that the servant prays:


“Adonai, the God of Abraham my master,” he said, “please make something happen before me today, and show loyalty to Abrah