The mystery of the mirrors

April 8, 2017


Recently, while I was driving downtown in the city where I live, I encountered what has become a new norm for our society. I saw a group of young people standing on the side of the road each holding their phones up in the air while trying to capture the perfect selfie. It was clear by the fact they were all wearing t-shirts with the same logo on the front that they were all together as a group, yet they were not taking group photographs; they were each taking an individual picture. I watched, intrigued by the phenomenon, as they walked a little further up the sidewalk, stood in front of another landmark, stopped as if they were a herd, and then each stretched their arms up once again and snapped another picture.


The light soon changed and I drove on down the road thinking about the humor I found in this drive among people to capture photos of themselves. We have gone from a people that could not walk past a mirror of plated glass windows without stopping, or at least glancing sideways to make sure we looked okay, to a society that stops every few steps on a sidewalk to take another photo of ourselves.


As I continued to ponder the scene I had just witnessed, I began to think to myself wondering if humans have always been so