As we continue with the Torah cycle, in Vayikra,

we are taking a good look at the offerings we
bring to G-D.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to see children grow and flourish spiritually in their relationship with Messiah Yeshua and become solid, strong disciples who will spread the Good News to everyone with whom they come in contact, with joy and zeal.

Classroom Goal

To guide our children in beginning and strengthening a relationship with Messiah Yeshua by understanding and fully grasping the lessons and concepts in Scripture. To encourage a strong identity as Messianic believers with the whole of B'nei Israel


PARSHA VAYIKRA - 3/28/2020

Virtual Shabbat School Ep1


Print and use these fun activities at home this week to make learning about the Parsha even more exciting and hands-on!

Last week's Parsha activities;


Use these fun activities at home this week to keep from getting bored!

Rabbi's Drash:



1 Now Adonai called to Moses and spoke to him out of the Tent of Meeting, saying: 

2 “Speak to Bnei-Yisrael, and tell them: When anyone of you brings an offering to Adonai, you may present your offering of livestock, from the herd or from the flock.


This week, we begin reading the book of Leviticus, or Vayikra. Vayikra means "And He called.” The book begins with an experience where Ad-nai calls to Moses from within the Tent of Meeting, also known as the Mishkan, or Tabernacle. In this case, we do not know where Moses was when Ad-nai called him, but we do know Moses was not in the Tabernacle at the time. The reason this is so important is that it lets us know that Ad-nai will speak to His people wherever they are. Yes, He does speak to us while we are gathered for worship in our synagogues, but He also speaks to us wherever we are and whatever we are doing. The question this week is are you listening for His voice every day and all day, or just on Shabbat?



All Aboard!

Rocky Mtn. Railroad
Obedience VTS 2020

is pulling into the station this summer
July 13th-17th
We will hop aboard for
an adventure in the 
Rocky Mountains of Colorado,
meet several unique animals, 
and learn G-D's truth about obedience.

 Join us as we pray for the success of our VTS every day at 2:22.


Mom's Morning Off

On the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm | Infants to school-age kids welcome! Call the office to sign up before Tuesday @5:00 pm. Watch the video to see more!

Please note that "Mom's Morning Off"
is c
urrently suspended due to social distancing guidelines.
Pray, pray that corona goes away, so that we can go out again & play.

Books of the Tanakh

We're learning the books of the Bible in the Tanakh (Torah, Prophets, and Writings) in the order that they appear in the Hebrew Scriptures. Let your kids listen to this familiar tune to learn the books!

This Week's Children's Events:

Nursery Hours:

Shabbat 8:30-End of service
(please pick up your little ones promptly after service ends)

Below find this weeks Nursery Lesson plan.  Check it out and incorporate some of the "Big Ideas" into your play time.  You will be amazed by how much they learn.

All Yeladim Classes are for ages 5-12*


Tuesday:  6:30pm Torah study in the

                   current Parasha available here

Saturday: 9:00am Shabbat School 

                     Join us Virtually for Shabbat                              School in Parsha Tzav.

Saturday: 11:15am we have prepared a                            number of activities for you!                            Yeladim watch the above for new                               activities every week.

Saturday: 11:15am Gesher L'Mitzvah will                          have a new video for you                                    coming soon watch above for                            details.

*Children who turn 13 during a semester may continue to come until the end of that semester. They are also encouraged to participate in the BAY activities.

Memory Verse:

Vayikra 5:26 (TLV)

Vayikra 5:26 “The kohen should make atonement for him before Adonai, and he will be forgiven concerning whatever he may have done to become guilty.”

See your Shabbat School teacher for your coloring page, and then practice it daily.  When memorized, these verses are a mighty weapon, a sharp sword, against the enemy.


Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue exists to be a Messiah-centered, Torah observant community of Believers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. Our goal is to share the entirety of G-D's Word, which consists of the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah, with all peoples of all nations.







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