Freedom Is a State of Mind

Frustrated. That’s how I felt. I woke up this past week after more than a month of quarantine and social distancing and I was frustrated. I was frustrated because I was still unable to gather together with my congregation for worship. Technology is a blessing, but it just isn’t the same as being together in our sanctuary as our voices join in praise and adoration of our Heavenly Father. I was frustrated because I missed my friends and family. Yes, I can Facetime, Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Facebook with them. But there is nothing like the feeling of hugging someone whose heart G-D has knit together with yours. I was frustrated because I like having order in my life and Covid-19 has changed near

Was Our New Normal Provided So That We Could Escape Our Old Normal

I don’t know about you, but I like normal. It’s not that I am not flexible; I just prefer to be flexible within the limits of normal. But, like most of the world, normal has changed and we have all been driven out of our comfort zones, like the proverbial bird being pushed out of its nest. Almost everything we do now is done differently than it was done only a few weeks ago. Many of us are working from home and if we are not doing so ourselves, then people we are working with are. Weddings and birthdays are being done virtually. Shopping is being done on our computers. Our children are doing their school work on devices. We are even gathering for worship while sitting on our couches watching

A Virus, a Table, and a Testimony

I don’t know about you, but every morning as I begin to wake up the first thing I do is think, “What day is today?” Once I recognize the day, the next thing I do is mentally prepare myself for my day. This is because I am a creature of habit, or maybe it is because I have a little bit of OCD in me. You see, barring an emergency, I know exactly what I am going to do on each day of the week. I know which days I go to my office early, so I can finish certain tasks before others arrive. I know which days I go to my coffee shop and visit with the regulars. I know which days I will prepare for studies and which days I will be visiting the members of our congregation. Each day of my schedule is org

Are We Depending on G-D or Government?

Like almost every rabbi or pastor in the United States over the past few weeks, I have been watching the vast changes taking place in our nation and doing my best to keep my feet on steady ground as nearly everything has shifted. We have had to restructure almost every part of our ministry practices. We went from service and studies with people attending in the building to live-streaming those same services. The people working in every ministry from our prison ministry to our nursery have had to totally change how they function in order to continue to serve. Some of these changes actually increased our effectiveness and the number of people we are reaching with the message of Messiah. While

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Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue exists to be a Messiah-centered, Torah observant community of Believers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. Our goal is to share the entirety of G-D's Word, which consists of the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah, with all peoples of all nations.







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