Seeing the Big Picture

One of my favorite artists paints amazing pictures of Biblical text using the text itself to make the picture. In other words when he paints a picture of the Israelites crossing the Red Sea he uses the Hebrew text in different sizes and colors to bring forth the artwork. Each letter upon the canvas becomes a part of the greater picture. If you stand back from the painting all you see is a beautiful piece of artwork, but as you get closer you see that the entire painting is made up of text from the Holy Scriptures and even closer you see the beautiful scribal work of making each individual letter. As I was reading the Bible this week I was thinking about this artist and his work and how beaut

Hidden Chametz

Just before Passover in Jewish households, we prepare our homes for Passover by removing all of the chametz of leaven from our households. In order to get our children to help find any leaven that might be hidden in the house, my mom made the search into a game, like a quest. We would search in every nook and crack for any hidden breadcrumbs, etc. The child that found the most Chametz would receive a prize. This made the search more exciting for us children and also encouraged us to look in places that we might have otherwise not looked. As an adult we continue to search through our homes to find hidden chametz and while searching our homes I also make an effort to search my heart for any le

When you are not sure ask Your Priest

Have you ever been reading through verses in the Bible that you have read over and over and suddenly a word or a phrase jumps off the page and seems to speak directly to you? This happened to me recently while I was reading through the book of Leviticus chapter 14, I came across a verse that seemed to jump off of the page at me. The verse was Leviticus 14:35: 35 Then the one who owns the house shall come and tell the kohen, saying: ‘Something like a mark has appeared in my house.’ For context, this section of the Torah is providing instruction for Israel as they prepared to enter the Promised Land. These particular instructions or commandments were covering the issue of tza’arat which was a

Passover, Leprosy and Forgiveness

I love the Passover season when we begin preparing our homes for the observance of the memorial celebration of the deliverance of Israel from Egypt. Weeks before Passover begins, we start searching our homes and our hearts for chametz (Leaven). This process means searching every room, cleaning and vacuuming the entire home, making sure you either eat or give away any items that contain chametz before the day of Passover. While we are literally turning our houses upside down in the search for chametz, we also begin to search our hearts for any spiritual chametz or sins that we have allowed to find a place to attach itself to. Sin like little hidden crumbs can be hidden in many ways and in man

Mark’s Proclamation Hidden in Plain Sight

At the very beginning of the book of Mark, we read of a number of miracles that Yeshua (Jesus) performed. One of those was the cleansing of the man with Tza-arat (the leper). The following verses tell of the event: Mark 1:40 A man with tza'arat comes to Him, begging Him and falling on his knees, saying, “If You are willing, You can make me clean.” 41 Moved with compassion, Yeshua stretched out His hand and touched him. He said, “I am willing. Be cleansed.” 42 Immediately, the tza'arat left him, and he was cleansed. 43 Yeshua sent him away at once, sternly warning him. 44 He said to him, “See that you say nothing to anyone, but go show yourself to the kohen. Then, for your cleansing, offer wh

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