Three Biblical answers that answer almost every “why?”

For the fifth time in my life first as a parent and now as a grandparent, I am busily answering the most popular question that children ask, “why?”. It seems like there is a point in the cognitive growth of a child where every statement made by anyone adult or child is followed by the inquisitive response “why?” Everything from the easy answers like explaining why we are having, what we are having for dinner, to more difficult questions regarding why is a friend having a baby or maybe why friends are moving away. In the Bible, we as the children of G-D are many times like the children described above. We are very inquisitive often reading the Scriptures and then asking “why?”. Why does G-D d

Saved by the Law

I often hear people talking and saying statements such as “The Law cannot save anyone” or “No one has ever been saved by the Law.” However, these and other statements like them are incorrect and untrue. I am about to share with you an example straight out of the Bible that shows someone being saved by the Law. Not only that but the example I will use comes not from the Tanakh or Old Testament but from the New Covenant writings. I know some of you are concerned, and others have already clicked to another page or article angry at me and proclaiming I am a legalist or worse. But for those who continue reading, I think you will find not only a real blessing in this article but also hope and prom

Rise Up and Hate...Yes it is Biblical

It has often been said that hate is the opposite of love. At one time I like most people accepted that premise as if it were true. The truth is that hate is not the opposite of love. Because for so long people have been deceived into believing that hate is the opposite of love, we also have begun to believe that hate of itself is a sin. After all, if hate is love’s opposite then if love is good then hate must be evil. The result of this is that we have millions of believers who have given up one of the most powerful G-D-given emotions because we have been convinced that hate is evil. The truth, however, is that as believers we are not only allowed to hate but encouraged to by Scripture. For

When Out of Order is Really in Order

There are times when we are reading the Bible that we come to a place where in the middle of an event, it seems as if an unrelated story or series of verses appears within the text. We know that every word in the Holy Scriptures was written by G-D’s design, so that means that these seemingly unrelated verses must, in some way, be related to the text found both before and after them. One such text is found in Genesis 38, which is the story of Judah and Tamar. This chapter is found folded between chapter 37, which tells of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers and chapter 39, which continues the narrative of Joseph’s life in slavery. Basically, if you read chapter 37, then turn past c

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