Aligning our hopes with G-d’s word

For years, I have read the narrative of Joseph and his brothers with great curiosity – not doubt, just simple curiosity. I have been especially curious about the part of the story in which Joseph’s brothers stand before him more than once and dialog with him face to face and yet do not recognize him. Now, I know the explanations for the lack of recognition. Many years had passed by, Joseph was wearing Egyptian clothing, etc. However, it wasn’t until reading the book of Luke that I realized what I believe to be the real reason for Joseph’s brothers not knowing who he was. In the book of Luke chapter 24, after the execution of Yeshua, we read the following verses: While they were talking and d

This Revelation From the Lord Woke Me Up About This Vital Age Group

This week, I attended a conference and during the few days I was there, I heard the same question over and over. What is wrong with these Millennials? If I was to answer that question, I'd say, "Absolutely nothing!" That is not to say that Millennials are without faults or perfect in every way. Rather, it is to say that as a generation, we have unfairly maligned them. It wasn't until this weekend that I understood what a significant blunder this has been. I was reading through Genesis 37 again and going over the part about Joseph and his dreams. I have always read these words and even taught them from the perspective that Joseph was a snotty little kid who was totally out of line in his acti

Searching for our brothers

Like most people around the world, I have to keep up with the news that is taking place globally. Just glancing at a television broadcast, we have seen wars, political upheaval, natural disasters, and everything in between. Also, like most believers, I view the news through the lens of the Holy Scriptures and the prophecy described within the pages of the Bible. Over the past few years, it seems that the events foretold by prophets like Ezekiel, Isaiah, and Daniel are coming to pass at very increasing rates. This past week, as I watched the President of the United States declare Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel, I couldn’t help but believe that this action was also part of the fulfillment

Spiritual starvation in the world

Imagine for a minute a large group of people locked in a room filled with food and water, yet starving to death. While this scenario may seem far-fetched, it is a reality within the lives of too many believers. In the history of the world, we have never had the easy access to the Bible and study tools that we have today. We hold cell phones in our hands that have access to libraries of information that people in previous generations only dreamed about having available. Yet, with all of this increased access to resources, such a television, Internet videos, podcasts, and vast libraries of books and written resources, the Body, which should be growing in leaps and bounds, is shrinking accordin

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Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue exists to be a Messiah-centered, Torah observant community of Believers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. Our goal is to share the entirety of G-D's Word, which consists of the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah, with all peoples of all nations.







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