The magnitude of Caesarea and an important life lesson

This week, I am beginning a tour of Israel and our first stop after leaving Ben Gurion airport we loaded our bus and headed north to visit our first stop of the day, Caesarea by the Sea. What an amazing site filled with so many wonderful archaeological remnants! As I walked through the amphitheater and the hippodrome, I marveled at the amazing architecture and the immense structures that we built under the leadership of Herod the Great (not really a great guy but a great builder). The seaport that once stood on this site was a tremendous achievement, especially without modern equipment and technology. Yet, with all the size and magnitude of Caesarea, my thoughts went to the fact that Roman r

Living as an outsider in the land

One of the wonderful things about reading through the Bible is that the more you read it, the more things you find within its pages. No matter how many times you read a verse or a series of verses, because the Bible is a living document, there will always be more to learn, more to see, and more to understand in ever deeper ways. With this in mind, when I begin my daily Bible reading, I ask G-D to open my heart and my mind to the words of the text that would speak to me on that particular day. I believe that each day as we read, G-D can and will provide encouragement and instruction specific to us every day through His word. Like most of the people reading this article, I look around the worl

Hidden blessings in the text

Some very important concepts are often hidden in the mundane lists of names provided in the text of the Bible. Unfortunately, many times when we arrive at a list of names, we notate mentally that people had children and then skip down to the more important narrative text. One example of this is when we read about Rebekah, Isaac’s wife. Most Bible believers are familiar with Rebekah, beginning with Genesis 24, and the story of Abraham’s servant traveling back to the land of Abraham’s relatives, which you can read about in my blog from last week. However, Genesis 24 is not when we first are introduced to Rebekah. The first mention of Rebekah is found in Genesis chapter 22:23: Then Bethuel fath

Another key biblical lesson about prayer

Last week in my blog, I wrote about Daniel and the importance and power of consistent prayer. Today’s blog shares another key biblical lesson about prayer, which we find as we read Genesis chapter 24. Surprisingly, this lesson is not taught by any of the principle characters, such as Abraham, Isaac, or even Sarah. It is actually taught to us by Abraham’s servant. Many believe this servant to be Eliezer, but the Bible does not provide his name anywhere in this narrative. Instead of providing a name, we read only about Abraham’s instruction to his servant about where to go to choose a wife for Isaac. We then read about the servant’s arrival in Aram-Naharaim, and the interactions that took plac

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