Surrounded by the miraculous

I’ve had a revelation that I hope will change my faith walk forever. I know that those who read statements like the one above immediately start to see red flags and their spiritual warning flashers being to light up hollering internally, “Be careful! Proceed with caution!” I understand that response and reaction because when I read those words in blogs and articles I respond the same way. However, I hope you will read on because the words that follow could possibly change your life and faith walk also. This weekend, I held my newest grandson in my arms only hours after he breathed his first breath of air outside of his mother. As I looked upon him and counted fingers and toes, brushed my fin

Corporate worship in large groups or small group meetings – must we chose?

Imagine, if you will, a pastor walking up to his podium on a Sunday morning and beginning his sermon with tears of repentance in his eyes and sharing with his congregation that he realized that he had become extremely legalistic in his views of the proper and modest way to dress and upon realizing how damaging his position was that he was now going to remove all of his clothing and live his life, especially his pastoral ministry life, completely nude. Most of those listening would understand that, while it may be true that the pastor had become extreme and even unbiblical in his understanding and teaching concerning dress, it was an over-reaction for him to let the pendulum swing so far and

Important lesson from the creation story

The very first time in the Bible that G-D speaks is found in Genesis 1:3, “Then God said, ‘Let there be light!’ and there was light.” With these words, a concept is established that is just as important today as it was on the very first day of creation. This concept has the ability to change our lives and affect everything we do. Every believer wants to be successful with their families, their occupations and especially in their personal ministries. Yet, most believers never pay attention to these words beyond their place in the narrative of the creation story. We all know that every word in the Bible has deeper meaning than the simple context we find them in. Every word is part of many larg

Don’t give glory to the serpent

One word. One simple word can change the meaning and understanding of a Biblical passage and the concepts that are held within that passage. A single word can either illuminate the Bible so that those reading will see the pathways and connections laid out to lead us precept upon precept, line upon line, or it will sever the connection between those precepts leaving us short of understanding the complete messages that G-D established within His Word. One powerful example of this is found in Numbers chapters 20 and 21. The events that take place in these two chapters are well known to most believers. In chapter 20, we find Moses hitting the rock instead of speaking to it. In chapter 21, we rea

How do you become a hero of the faith?

The book of Hebrews is a powerful book that shares with us Yeshua’s (Jesus’) role as High Priest. The letter covers both the similarities and the differences between the Aaronic Priesthood and the Priesthood of Melchizedek. The first ten chapters lay a foundation and go on to establish Yeshua’s rightful place as High Priest. Then we arrive at chapter 11, which is a list of Biblical faith heroes. This list provides example after example of biblical characters and how by faith they did amazing things. As we read, we see by faith Abel, by faith Enoch, by faith Noach, by faith Abraham – one after another, we see a compilation of great people who were examples of walking in faith with G-D. What a

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Brit Ahm Messianic Synagogue exists to be a Messiah-centered, Torah observant community of Believers, both Jewish and non-Jewish. Our goal is to share the entirety of G-D's Word, which consists of the Tanakh and Brit Chadashah, with all peoples of all nations.







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