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VAYERA Quiz Answers

1. Abraham ordered that water be brought so they could wash their feet (18:4).

2. It’s strange that he served milk and meat together (18:7-8).

3. Abraham was surprised because her time for having children had long passed (18:12) God responded: Is anything too hard for God (18:14).
4. God said he would go down and check to see if the people were as wicked as He had been told (18:21).

5. Lot said the crowd of men could have his two virgin daughters to do with as they wished. Protecting guests in his home was more sacred to him than his daughters’ virginity (19:8).

6. The angels struck them blind (19:11).

7. His sons thought he was joking, so they stayed in Sodom (19:14).

8. Lot asked God if he could go to Zoar ( 19:22).

9. Lots’ daughters got him drunk in order to sleep with him and beget children because they thought they were the last people on earth (19:35-36). We know, however, that they had just left the city of Zoar (19:30).

10. The names of Lots’ sons that he had from his daughters were Moab and Ben-ammi, the fathers of the Moabites and the Ammonites (19:37-38).

11. Sara was Abrahams’ half-sister (20:12).

12. Abraham, Yitzhak, two servants, and Abraham’s donkey went on the journey (22:3)


CHAYEI SARAH Quiz Questions

1. If Sarah had lived eight more years, how old would she have been when she died? Where did Sarah die? According to midrash, what caused Sarah’s death?

2. From whom did Abraham purchase the cave of Machpelah? What was his tribe?

3. How much did Abraham pay for the whole property?

4. What was the name of Abraham’s servant described herein, and what two things did Abraham make him promise?

5. What sign did Eliezer expect to receive to know that he had the right woman?

6. What was Rivka’s relationship to Yitzhak (besides being his wife)?

7. After all the negotiations were completed with Rivka’s family, Eliezer was ready to pack up and hit the road. What was the family’s first response, and what did they do to resolve the issue?

8. Does that scene remind you of a later scene with the same family?

9. Isaac came out to the field where he met Eliezer and Rivkah. Why did he go to the field?

10. What was the name of the wife Abraham took after Sarah died and how many children did she have by Abraham?

11. How old was Abraham when he died? Who buried him? Where?

12. What is the connection between the end of this week’s parashah and the beginning of next week’s?

13. According to midrash, there were three things that were always present with Sarah. What were they?

Provided by the Pardes Institute of Jewish Studies.


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